Slalom - Take 2

Curse of Strahd - Part 5

Racist Vampires by Anshad Bromson


* Grom

* Kanye

* Ragnar

* Artis

* Anshad


Special Guests:

* Izmark

* Ireena

* Strahd

* Father Lucian

* Heinrich (the coffin maker)

* Milivoj (the bone thief)

* Yeska (the altar boy)


Church Battle


I returned from my important dragon rider secret mission to find the party inside the church engaged in a heated battle with multiple swarms of ill-tempered bats and what seems to be a foggy vapor mist cloud. Naturally I'm here to help and immediately fire off a couple magic missiles targeting all the bats.


Artis and Ragnar were slaying bats like mad men and then Kanye, in true Kanye style, spiked several bats at once using his spear creating a shishkabat.


Suddenly the mist cloud transformed into a dire wolf, now thats something you dont see every day! WTF!


I fire bolted the remaining bats except for one, leaving it to Izmark to deal the final blow and immediately turned to flank the dire wolf who was making a run for it.


Artis and Kanye managed to strike a few blows and the dire wolf transformed into Strahd! WTF is going on here!


"I am impressed by the forces you have managed to muster Izmark, I'll be keeping a close eye on all of you!" said Strahd and then transformed into a bat and flew away.


Father Lucian's Missing Bones


At that moment the church doors crack open and father Lucian looks in, "Is everybody alright, what happened? This is sacred ground and Strahd is not supposed to come near here. We have artifacts under the church, bones that belonged to St Andral(original barovian sun god), that are meant to keep evil away." We hear gasps and Father Lucian turns and runs towards everyone in the church gathered at the altar. Kanye front flips over the crowd and sees that the alter has been moved to the side revealing a hole where the bones were supposed to be! After some questioning the party determined that father Lucian had only told a kid named Yeska about the bones. Yeska is nowhere to be seen has brown hair, weird birth mark on his face and normally hangs our with Milivoj.


We all decided to have a rest before attempting to track down Yeska and Milivoj the next day.


The Next Day


Artis bought a shiny new crossbow and then began investigating the crypt below the alter. The walls have small carvings, also an empty bag and a smaller alter. Kanye opens the bag. Its empty. Grom checks carvings, look like various praises of the sun god.


Milivoj walked into the church! Not trusting this kid I quickly ran and shut the door. Yelling at Milivoj I asked where Yeska was and who stole the bones. Milivoj crying that he just wanted the money and he didn't know the consequences, he gave the bones to Heinrich the coffin maker.


Heinrich the Coffin Maker


After a short walk through town we arrived at the coffin maker's house. Artis in giant form, pounds on the door. "Go away! Leave me alone! We're closed!"


Grom heads round to the back door, and picks the lock and sneaks into a large room filled with coffins. He proceeds to sneak around to another door, opens it and enters another room with 2 cabinets in it which had random junk in it.


Kanye tries to break through a window making a whole lot of noise bumps into Grom. Running around house sees open doors and sees some stairs running up.


Anshad goes to look for Grom and sees the back door is open.


Ragnar and Artis crawl through window. Artis looks around the workshop. Sees a coffin with some strange symbols on them. Ragnar joins party upstairs.


Kanye, Artis, Grom on stairs hear left door slam.


Kanye kicks the door down. Grom goes into opposite door and heads into a messy attic.


Kanye rushes through kitchen door to see old man pleading for mercy. Kanye grabs him and asks Ragnar to push a secret button.


We found the bones! And some Strahd Von Zorrovich silver coins woth 5gold.


"Some nobleman came and told me to steal the bones and promised me good business, his associates are in the room next door" said Heinrich.


Grom wondering around the attic full of "associates" opens a box with a vampire in it!


Vampire Battle


* Grom: Drops the cross of jerry and runs to open windows yelling "guys! guys!"

* Artis: Whips out the crossbow fires off a bolt but misses. Fires off a 2nd one and hits for 17, 10 psyonic.

* V1,2,3 zombies claw at Grom for 8 damage

* V4,5 run and hide in the corner

* V6 charges Artis but misses

* Ragnar: Runs in and tries to attack but misses.

* Grom: Jumps out the window holding onto the curtain.

* Kanye: Using Henric as a human shield and using holy nunchucks he attacks V6 but misses.

* Artis: Vision of Dispair on V2, 5 psyonic damage but slows vampire which is stuck in the sunlight.

* Anshad: Firebolt goes wide and misses.

* V1,2,3 skin melting in the sunlight. V1 swings for Kanye. V3 swings at Anshad for 7 damage. V2 is stuck.

* Ragnar: Attacks V3 with short sword for 8, only takes a small amount of damage.

* Grom: Climbs up curtain and shoots V2 with crossbow,8 damage.

* Kanye: Tries to hit V with relic bones but misses.

* Artis: Speed dart and V2 stuck in the sunlight, but misses.

* Anshad: Magic missle 4 darts for 18 damage hitting V1,2,3,4. V2 runs to hide with V4 and V5 in the corner.

* V1: Swings at Artis for 8 damage

* V6: Swings at Anshad and misses

* V3: Swings at Kanye misses but crits Heinrich for 16 and kills him.

* Ragnar: Attacks V3, 7 damage.

* Grom: Shoots firebolt at curtain on other side of the room and burns the curtain down, and swings back outside on the curtain.

* Kanye: Kanye opens window nearest him filling the room with light.

* Artis: Attacks V1, hits and pushes him towards the window

* Anshad: Magic missle 3 bolts for 11 damage to V1,3,6

* V1,3,6 attack and miss and run to back corner but only get half way

* Anshad hits for 2, Ragnar hits for 7

* Ragnar runs to V3 to attack, 4 damage

* Grom: Flank V3, 13 damage.

* Kanye: Attacks V4 with bones but misses.

* Artis: Vision of dispair on V6, 12 damage psychic, slowed.

* Anshad: 4 magic missles at V3, 17 damage destroying V3 and V1.

* Ragnar: Flanks V6, 14 damage

* Curtain has burnt away and is shedding light on remaining vamps

* Grom: Tries to firebolt but misses singing Grm ws hear.

* Kanye: Attacks V4 with bag of bones, 3 damage.

* Artis: Attacks V6 with crossbox but misses.

* Anshad: Magic misslve 3 darts for 8 damage at V4

* V6 dies from sunlight

* V2 dies from sunlight

* V4,5 take 20 damage from sunlight

* V4: Swings at Kanye but misses

* V5: Swings at Anshad but misses

* Ragnar: Attacks V5 flanking but misses

* Grom: Flank and shank V5, 16 damage

* Kanye: Attacks with bones and misses

* Artis: Attacks

* Anshad: Magic missle 3 bolts

* V4,5 take 20 damage form sunlight

* V4,5 attack Kanye and both miss

* Ragnar: Flank attack V4 but misses

* Grom: Flank and shank V4, 20 attack

* Kanye: Attack with bones, 4 damage. Vampie explodes!

* Artis: Attacks V5

* Anshad: Magic missles, Vampire explodes!


All the Vampires are dead! Thank jerry!


Party levels up.


wickerpopstar stephen_weinrich

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